"Reaching for Perfection"

C. Thorrez Industries is a family-owned and operated machined products company, producing top quality industrial parts since 1919. The company has the capacity to produce long-run, large quantity productions jobs, along with short-run and prototype work.

At C. Thorrez Industries, we are firmly committed to Quality, Delivery, and Continuous Improvement.

Our Quality & Environmental Systems are registered to IATF 16949 as well as ISO 14001. Our commitment to Quality, Delivery, and Continuous Improvement has resulted in quality awards from FCA, Ford, General Motors and many Tier 1 automotive suppliers, as well as truck, lawn equipment and furniture manufacturers.

Components are made from a wide range of bar stock including carbon and alloy steel, aluminum, brass, stainless steel and tubing.

Parts are produced from stock sizes: 0.25 to 6 inches in diameter (up to 40 inches long on stock up to 1.625 inches in diameter).

Machines complete secondary operations including broaching, slotting, tapping, drilling, grinding, bending, assembly, end forming, inertia welding, EDM, CNC turning and machining centers. We work closely with a core group of special plating and heat treat processors to get the final properties you are seeking.

We invite you to call on us the next time you need high quality precision machined products.

~Precision Machined Products~
~Since 1919~

Providing Hands-On Craftsmanship for Five Generations

Here at CTI, we firmly believe in the hands-on approach to quality. Our commitment to this hands-on approach has been carried on for the last five family generations. We are confident it will carry us well into the future.

The Thorrez name is Flemish. Translated into English, the name means "Towers". The Thorrez logo, featuring medieval towers, symbolizes the strength and unity of the family-run businesses...hand built, block by block, stone by stone. Five generations of refinements in the precision machined industry are now available to serve you.

We have an extended family team of dedicated men and women located in five plants around the area. Everyone is well versed in our hands-on approach to making sure every job is completed, as ordered, the first time.

We recognize the importance of human resource development in the continuous improvement of manufacturing processes. The Artisans who craft your parts are continuously educated in the use of the latest technology, machine tools, and quality instruments and methods. We develop people who appreciate manufacturing as a career. This sense of professional pride motivates us to provide you with the highest quality products.